Simulation Meeting December 15 2020 12PM ET

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  1. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan docDB659
  2. Please go over the simulation task list and make changes to your own subsystem to reflect what's needs to be done Task List


David Kashy, Mark L. Pitt , Caryn Palatchi , Rakitha B , Ruben Flair, Chandan Ghosh, Ciprian Gal, Devi Adhikari , Krishna Kumar , Kent Paschke, Elham Gorgannejad, Probir Ghoshal,Sandesh Gopinath, Donald Jones, Dustin McNulty, Weibin, Michael Gericke, Juliette Mammei, Cameron Clark, Wouter Deconinck


  1. DS region update by Chandan:
    1. The goal of the study will include DS beam pipe two bounce, Col-5, dose on the epoxy is minimization
    2. We have to improve the shielding on beam line section to reduce the dose on the epoxy of DS coil.
    3. Dominate dose at the nose region and its major components are low energy electrons and high energy positrons on the DS coil
  2. SAM update: Beam pipe and SAM appear to no interference with the scanner detector. SAM group will further investigate this.

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