Simulation Meeting August 6 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Light guide light generation - Cameron
  2. Geometry updates
    1. SAM update - Vassu Doomra
  3. AOB


Rakitha, vassu doomra, David Kashy, Sakib, Cameron Clarke, Dustin McNulty, Ciprian Gal, David Flay, Michael Gericke, Mark Pitt, Juliette Mammei, seehrar , Kent Paschke,


  • Light guide light generation : Cameron
    • Ran simulation changing reflectivity, polished surface and orientation to see how light yield changes. Making progress to make sure simulation is correct.
    • Redo the previous study with updated simulation and correct optical parameters then we should be able to benchmark SLAC tests data we have.
    • Be careful about the gain of the PMT and we don't need to match PE from data to simulation. uncertainty of about 5% - Dustin
    • Our goal for this study is to get the signal to background ratio for background on light guide.
  • SAM update: Vassu Doomra
    • Implemented the neckdown region with two bellows where SAM will be implemented. First Vassu will look at the background at the detector areas. SAM implementation is on its own branch.
  • Interference between Coils and envelope : Sakib
    • Sakib has started looking at the simulation results and will give us an update next week.

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