Simulation Meeting August 29 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Follow up on Geometry updates from CAD design
  • Simulation task updates: What needs to be done in immediate future
    • Finalized the G4 geometry
    • Estimate the radiation load at the detector area
  • Simulation software updates:
  • Two bounce with beampipe Two bounce result
  • Helium Beampipe Studies [1]


Attendance: Rakitha, Wouter, Sakib, Chandan, Cameron,


  • Sakib's update on beam pipe
    • Optimizing the beam pipe design with different configurations. The He/Vacuum region increases the shielding with Aluminum beam pipe and then the fffect of fringe field and slit scattering from col-1 is also a main source :,_August_21,_2019_2:30pm_ET
    • First step is the to optimize the beam pipe bkg then add hall enclosure and beam dump to see the increase in backgrounds
    • Planing to be done by end of week to have a finalized design of the beam pipe and add geometry to the develop branch
    • Collimator locations updated locations according to the Cameron
  • Chandan's one and two bounce photon study with current beam pipe design from Sakib, see meeting agenda link
  • G4 code updates: Krypto option changes see git pull request (
    • no default kryptonite materials are now loaded in remoll/develop (because it is impossible to unload them). This means that if you wish to treat materials as kryptonite, you must use `/control/execute macros/kryptonite.mac` for the old default list or `/remoll/kryptonite/add Copper` for the specified material only.
  • New collimator locations will be added to the next release going out soon this week.
    • Feature request must be made during this meeting for this release.

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