Simulation Meeting August 13 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Light guide light generation - Cameron - slides
  2. Geometry updates
  3. AOB
    1. SAM update
    2. Simulation tasks for next two months


Rakitha, Jim Fast, Cameron Clarke, Michael Gericke, David Flay, Ciprian Gal, Dustin McNulty, Jon Mott, Sakib, Sandesh Gopinath, Garrett Leverick, Krishna Kumar, Juliette Mammei


  • Light guide update: Cameron
    • trying to match simulation light yield to SLAC data as shown in the slides. G4 is still underestimating. The main parameter that needs adjusting is the reflectivity and that is the most sensitive parameter to light yield at PMT. The PMT gain trust only up to 20%.
    • The next step is the light guide background estimate.
    • Note that the electron incident on the light guide background and electron incident on the PMT are two different aspects of this background study.
    • The background response is being set up in G4 remoll simulation as a framework. Then we can do different studies using this framework.
    • The main goal is to set up the framework at the moment - KK
  • SAM update: Vassu and Ciprian checking geometry in the SAM branch with develop branch to make sure they are correct. Then proceed with SAM implementation.
  • The envelope update - Sakib
    • added a thin 3 mm layer of kryptonite on top of the coil epoxy to see how many primary electrons interact with the kryptonite layer.
    • On the close sector where this is an issue, no changes on elastic electron loss seen.
    • it maybe that inelastic or other background interact with the coils
    • Sakib will do an energy deposit calculation
    • It appears that scraping is not a major issue with this 3 mm layer.
    • Sakib will double-check his analysis and update it in the next meeting.
  • Doodle poll for new meeting time.
  • CD-1 design frozen now and for next two months we will be addressing the following issues:
    • re-optimizing the real geometry for the tungsten merged col-1 2 and shielding around that area for US coils
    • The two bounce shield optimization
    • DS two bounce shield
    • Tweak Col-4
    • hybrid coil nose dose minimization
    • Col-5 optimization
    • Eenvelope overlap with the coils.
    • Positron shielding.
    • SAM donut design Vassu
    • Who else can get involved along with Chandan, Sakib, and Ciprian
    • We will meet again in two week to discuss this in details.

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