Simulation Meeting April 9 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Immediate simulation tasks to complete - Ciprian, Sakib, Chandan
    • Radiation Penetration Chandan: docDB575
  • Geometry update Chandan
  • Preliminary analysis of MD radiation with geometryV1 Ciprian: docDB576


Attendance: Sashi Kakkar, David Kashy, Ciprian Gal, Dustin McNulty, Wouter, Sakib Rahman, Chandan, Ruben Fair, Krishna Kumar,Sandesh Gopinath, Michael Gericke, Cameron Clark, Catherine, Juliette Mammei


  • Chandan's Geometry update:
    • increase in mass for the lead for target shield and lead collar was shown
    • Current estimate for collimator outer radius based on two bounce photons shown in the slides. We will use this for our background studies
    • Before and after photon background at detector plane is shown with new geometry
  • Radiation penetration study by Chandan showed thickness req to reduce the photon and electrons by 10%
    • Two numbers we need,
  1. How much 1MeV gamma per Moller electron hitting the PMT we can tolerate.
  2. Another issue is neutron capture at the PMT that we need an estimate, we need to know much neutrons are tolerable
  • Preliminary analysis of MD radiation with geometryV1 developed by Chandan (previous version) : Ciprian
    • background study and current problems were summarized
    • prelim. dump design is there and it is missing the copper dump diffuser. We may have line of sight to the diffuser to the detector area.
    • Comparison plots of old geometry and the first iteration of Chandan's geometry changes were shown
    • Fix the shower max detector geometry, it needs to be fixed to match current specs, the thickness is still previous values. Sakib
    • The lead donut has to be tweaked for the new design: Wouter is working on it.
    • NIEL values at the detector plane: less than 10^13 over the period of the experiment to minimize the electronic damage
    • We need to get a limit on SEU from low energy neutrons Ciprian
    • Beam left has less radiation on electronic hut compared to beam right.
  • Fix the remaining geometry issues include new Chandan's new changes and run another 100 million events.
    • We will get numbers from V2 geometry for CD1, Krishna
  • Along the way, we may have to generate the specs for engineering so they can quickly capture and incorporate in the engineering models. Ruben
  • Hybrid map file, going all the way zero to beam center instead it is going to 2 mm. Once the updated hybrid map generated, we will have all the way going to zero. For the next iteration, we will stick to the current map file.

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