Simulation Meeting April 2 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Immediate simulation tasks to complete - Ciprian, Sakib, Chandan


Attendance: Ciprian Gal, Juliette Mammei, Wouter, Krishna Kumar, Chandan, Ruben Fair, Sakib, Sandesh Gopinath, Dustin McNulty, David Kashy, Cameron Clark


  • Geometry update by Chandan
    • keep inner radius about 140 or 150 mm and increase the photon col outer radii
    • weight increase for lead wall and photon collar needs to be updated.
    • make photon collar outer side circular currently it is rectangular. This is to reduce weight.
    • both target lead wall and lead collar are inside the concrete
    • We need FLUKA estimation for how quickly it will activate with the beam on and when will it become Rad-2 <- Yufan
    • inner radius rim of the lead target wall.
    • adjusting col-2 (150mm) and col-4 (250 mm) outer radii based on two bounce analysis.
    • the outer region of hybrid lead wall optimization to keep the low photon background at the detector region while minimizing the size. current width and height are 2 m and proposed to reduce 1.2 m
    • Make the above changes and run a short simulation to estimate the background.
    • The first Chandan will compare before and after changes simulation.
    • Chandan will commit the geometry changes and then Sakib will run the simulation both with beam and ep generator.
    • target region window at z 1.5 m. Multi-level tapered window was shown in Chandan's slides.
    • Chandan put electronic huts in the geometry, David Kashy's concern about it may be too close to detector hut and may interfere with support structures. huts are all open from the back, for ventilation and easy access.
    • the only issue left open is to try combining col-1 and 2, this will be done later.
  • We need to have nomenclature for all the shielding and
    • target lead wall
    • photon collimator in target region 20 cm thick
    • hybrid lead wall at col-4 area
    • lead donut behind the shower max
    • drift pipe for one that goes after the magnets
    • detector pipe for the pipe that comes up to detector region
  • two bounce script red means seen the target green mean bounced photons from the target
  • misalignment tolerances 1 mm. for building it it's about 5 mm tolerance.
  • Sakib is working on the raster offset implementation for tolerance studies.
  • Get simulation jobs running by next week and Review the final results on April 16th? KK
  • David Kashy wants to know if we have to incorporate engineering elements like support structure, spectrometer vessels and etc. should be in the simulation.
    • around Fall, we will be planning to include these engineering elements in our simulation.
    • He has a model that can be viewed using JT2Go on Windows and Mac. KK, Chandan and Dustin will join the training.

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