Simulation Meeting April 11 2019 1030AM ET

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Task List Summary

Simulation Task List Updated 2019


JLab room CC B101 is reserved for the meeting

  • Simulation task list discussion
    • Radiation/Shielding
      • Radiation load on hybrid toroid nose: Rakitha, Juliette
      • Radiation shielding and activation: Rakitha, Kent, and Ciprian
    • Overall Background studies:
      • Air/vacuum?He simulation studies: Ciprian
      • Slit scattering background* (the elimination of all 1-bounce sources and the leading 2-bounce sources): KK (student?)
    • General Spectrometer:
      • Multi-loop spectrometer option: Juliette
    • Detector area background:
      • Optimized main detector geometries: Ciprian - Cameron APS GHP SLAC test and simulation update, Wouter's geometry Bayesian optimization notebook
      • Detector Shielding Optimization*: KK, Cameron
      • Shower-max splashback: KK (student?)
      • Crosstalk evaluation: KK (student?)
      • PMT backgrounds*: Juliette, Sakib
      • PMT double-differences: Ciprian, Kent
      • Muon pair production: Wouter
      • Beam dump background impact on Pion detector: Wouter
      • Beam dump background impact on the Main detector (Beam dump background estimate and shielding requirements):?
      • Hyperon background estimation*: Wouter
    • Tracking:
      • Optics Collimator for Q2*: Seamus, David A.
    • Theory:
      • Radiative corrections for all physics processes: Seamus, Yuri
  • Simulation software updates:


Attendance: Rakitha, Ciprian, Dustin, Michael, Wouter, Cameron, KK, Sakib, Chandan, Kent


  • Director Review Dry-run updates, send task list completion dates to mark (reply Mark's email)
  • Bayesian optimization method applied to pion detector to maximize the PE. Can be applied to different optimization schemes.
  • SLAC data analysis update and conclusions by Cameron
  • Simulation software updates to develop version,
    • changes to target length 1.25 m, move the target downstream by 0.5 m, raster origin must be also moved by 0.5 m, raster size set to center of target, default beam current 65 uA, * optimizations to improve the speed of simulation,

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