Simulation Computing Workshop May 26 2023

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  1. Doc-DB link to the workshop
  2. Participant Contact Information

Remote Connection Information

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These Demos (Recorded videos with instructions will be uploaded) will guide you to set up your computer for the workshop. There are also instructions for computing cluster access and utilization.

  1. How to setup virtual machine for the workshop
  2. How to setup ifarm computing environment
  3. How to submit batch jobs
  4. How to setup Compute Canada cluster computing environment and submit batch jobs


From 8:30 am to 11:45 am Will post recording for all the talks below after the workshop

  1. [8:30 am] PVES overview and MOLLER experimental concept by Kent Paschke slides
  2. [9:00 am] Introduction to Geant4 with Remoll by Prakash Gautam slides recording Passcode: R7gI^i%Y
  3. [9:30 am] Break
  4. [9:45 am] Introduction to GDML Geometries in Remoll] by Sakib Rahman slides recording Passcode: R7gI^i%Y
  5. [10:15 am] Job submission to Computing Clusters by Sakib Rahman slides recording Passcode: R7gI^i%Y
  6. [10:45 am] Introduction to Root by Eric King slides recording Passcode: R7gI^i%Y

Hands-On Session

From 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm The program subject to change, The hands-on session and will be followed up with more details. Hands-On materials for this session are available at Hands-On Materials

recording1 Passcode: 4@lic3v@ recording Passcode: 4@lic3v@

  1. [1:00 pm] Using Root to access simulation output
    1. Basic Root terminal commands
    2. Writing scripts to automate data access
  2. [2:00 pm] Basic Operations with Remoll Simulation
    1. Run simulation in visual mode
    2. How to Modify Simulation Geometries in GDML
  3. [3:30 pm] Introduction to Data Analysis using Simulation Data
    1. Run simulation in batch mode
    2. Simple Data Analysis Project