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How to get an account on ifarm

If you are not visiting jlab:

  • To get a JLab user account, each new user must fill out the Access Registration Form [1]. This is not a computer account form, but rather records the "users" of the lab facilities. Be sure to fill out (and remember) the emergency contact information requested - the information will be used for identification later.
  • Send an email to and ask to create an account on ifarm. You will need to provide your name, your supervisor and instituition name, and also mention that you are part of the moller12gev group under halla.
  • Complete the GEN034U training at

How to Login

You will need to have JLab tow-factor authentication setup to access the Jefferson Lab computing resources.

Windows Machine

Linux Machine

  • Use ssh command to first log in to JLab login server (replace jlab_username with your JLab user name).
ssh -Y
Type your two-factor pin + code generated by google authenticator.

How to Setup Computing Environment

  • Next from the login server terminal, ssh into JLab computing interactive terminal.
ssh -Y ifarm 
Type jlab password when prompted.
  • Now we set the computing environment for simulation by executing the following commands on the terminal.
 setenv PATH /site/bin:$PATH
 source /site/12gev_phys/softenv.csh 2.4

How to Setup MOLLER Simulation Code: Remoll

Execute the following commands in terminal only once for initial setup:

 git clone
 cd remoll/
 git checkout develop
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake  ../
 cd ..

How to View the Current Remoll GDML geometry:

  • run MOLLER simulation code by: ./build/remoll
  • click menu 1.Geometry and select MOLLER Experiment
  • click menu 3. Initialize and select Initialize
  • click menu 4. Viewer and select Qt Viewer (Stored) (second item)
  • Now MOLLER geometry should be accessible