Radiation Simulation Meeting September 17 2018

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  1. Rakitha's summary slides
    • Ideal = 40cm lead, 50 cm concrete, 75cm poly
    • need to pay attention to lead collar. Potential source for sky shine, also slit scattering
    • Bare minimum reduces side of lead. All others remain the same. Slide 17 summarizes results from this configuration.
    • "side wall" detector uses a 1/2 meter radius cut at the beam dump entrance.
    • results for LH2 only: used magnetic fields, but no other material than target.
  2. Kent's notes on Rakitha's slides
  3. Cameron MOLLER log entry elog:376 (no shielding) elog:377 (with full shielding)


Attendance: Rakitha, Cameron, Cip, Kent, KK

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