Parity mode brainstorming

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Open format brainstorming ideas

What do we need in data processing tasks and results?

Possible analysis tasks

  • Alarms to shift crew when quantities are out of tolerance
  • Determine detector/beam parameter correlations from:
    • natural beam motion
    • Dithering
  • Analysis of jitter/resolution on each BPM
  • Calculating beam corrected det.asyms
  • Calculating combinations of asyms
  • Feedback to INJ
  • Calculated quantities useful for OPS exported to EPICS
  • Determine the transverse spin components to allow feedback for Wien settings, this would be a periodic feedback
    • This would require some beam corrections on all detectors
    • This would be some azimuthal analysis of the difference detector segments (open/closed/partial)

Possible analysis outputs

  • Single helicity window yields
  • Pattern-level asyms & yields
  • Burst (short timescale accumulations, perhaps few seconds?) averages and RMS of asyms and yields
  • Correlation matrices
    • Detectors to beam parameters
    • Beamline elements with each otehr