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Ad Hoc Committee on Ferrous Materials

Membership: Bob, Cip, Jim, Kent (chair), Paul

List of tasks and meetings

Please note available meeting times here: https://www.when2meet.com/?11199476-2Fcsu

Goal: to provide the background for cost/benefit analysis for MOLLER beamline, spectrometer, and shielding components containing ferromagnetic atoms


  1. understand how much ferromagnetism might be expected to exist in alloys containing Fe or Ni, including components annealed or melted through welding, machining, or other mechanical working (such as flexing of bellows)
  2. compile a list of components of concern
  3. quantify the (upper limit of) analyzing power for potentially ferromagnetic components, to arrive at a quantitative understanding of the required limits and technical risks.
  4. specify any local shielding needed to control this risk
  5. specify a testing regimen to verify the required limits of ferromagnetism in specific components

Assuming a weekly meeting schedule, we will have 8 committee meetings from start to finish. We will try to outline topics addressed in meeting here.

Weekly Meeting Outline

  1. March 8
    • Take stock, compile a list of concerns and plans to quantify them
  2. March 15
    • complete lists of components and alloys to consider
      • Compile known ferromagnetism in considered alloys
      • Summarize knowledge of ferromagnetism in non-magnetic alloys
    • Outline framework for estimating analyzing power, signal contribution
    • Make plans for required simulations
    • Catalog ideas for quantifying ferromagnetism in specific components
  3. March 22
  4. March 29
  5. April 5
  6. April 12
  7. April 19
  8. April 26
    • Finalize report of the ad-hoc committee