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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  12:00pm Eastern
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  • Activity updates
  • General discussion


Recording on Zoom: [1]

Participants: B. Moffit, P. King, D. Armstrong, J. Fast, D. McNulty, M. Gericke, R. Michaels

  • Activity updates
    • David: He brings up that we will want to understand the deadtime in the counting mode. He's mostly worried about the computer deadtime, rather than the deadtime on the individual hardware channels.
      • Bryan says that the FADC has a counter for threshold crossings, and we should also have counters on the TI-master for the triggers
      • Paul suggests could probably also have counters in the VTP for the coincidences
      • Bryan thinks that Hanjie had done some of these studies, so we should look back at her presentations and code repo
      • Bryan suggests that rather than querying the APV to see if it is busy, we would instead want to set the prescales (and burst conditions) to ensure that we wouldn't be accepted triggers while the APVs are busy.
      • David will put together a short memo about his thoughts on this
    • Discussion about Stony Brook's request to get a CODA DAQ set-up
      • Bob and I will talk to KK about what UMass has available and what might be able to be lent to SB
      • Bob will ask Chandan about what the UMass inventory had been when he left.
        • Chandan's response on the UMass inventory: VXS crate, two CPUs, a TI, a TIR, two MPDs, electronics (backplane, APV card) for five small chambers, fADC, QWeak ADC
      • Paul had talked briefly with KK about this at the Jan 10-12 IPR, but will need a follow up discussion
    • Michael just mentions that there are some concerns
    • Bob mentions the ongoing and pending NPS work for triggering with the FADC/VTP system for clustering.
  • General discussion
    • Would this timeslot be a problem for the spring? It seems to be still good for the folks on the call.