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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  12:00pm Eastern
 Zoom connection information
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 Meeting ID: 160 380 0887
 Passcode: 903612
 US Tool free phone: (833) 568 8864
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  • Activity updates
  • General discussion


Recording on Zoom: [1]

Participants: B. Moffit, R. Michaels, P. King, C. Zorn, M. Gericke, D. Bishop

  • Bob has ordered the CAEN V2495 for the digital BPM readout development. There's also planned orders for VTPs and TIs, and MOLLER may be able join these orders.
  • Daryl reports that the integrating ADC was shipped to JLab last week.
  • Bob reports that in September William Gu will review all of our electronics. Bob has started to pull together the documentation---Paul and Bob should discuss it.