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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  3:00pm Eastern
 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 Other BlueJeans access phone numbers are listed at
 Bluejeans CODE:                    385 600 867
 Bluejeans link:


  • Activity updates
  • General discussion
    • Instrumenting BPMs & raster with FADCs: other experiments use in-line attenuators and the FADC DAC offsets to bring the BPM signals into range
    • Discussion of possible use of Mainz dual mode amplifier design in the front-end; would eliminate need for NIM amplifiers of PMT signals
      • From email with Michael: Mainz group prototype required no additional amplification and produced very nice QDC spectra. The portion of the design that implements the fast amplifier for high gain was already radiation tested and the associated parts survived.


Meeting recording on [1]

Participants: J. Fast, R. Michaels, B. Moffit, D. Armstrong, P. King, C. Ghosh, H. Liu, M. Gericke

  • Observations on SBS
    • The DAQ is working pretty well, they are routinely getting accepted event rates of ~4kHz. Some issues seem to have been due to not being able to have the full system integration tests until after they were in the hall.
    • Bob recommends that we have system integration tests done as early as we can. Also, try to get more students involved in the DAQ development/testing. This can be difficult if most students are focused on delivering another piece of hardware
    • Radiation measurements: Jim can help coordinate getting monitors/dosimetry in the hall after we decide on a list of locations we'd like to evaluate during SBS
  • Activity updates