Simulation Meeting April 29 2021 2PM ET

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  1. Physics envelope at the entrance of drift region - Chandan slide
  2. Remoll external generator adaptation - Sakib [1]


Ruben, Sudip Bhattarai, Probir Ghoshal, Mark L. Pitt, Devi, Chandan Ghosh, Paul King, Juliette Mammei, Rakitha Beminiwattha, sakib, Jim Fast, Eric Sun, David Flay, Dustin McNulty, Krishna Kumar, Ciprian Gal, David Armstrong, Kent Paschke, Michael Gericke, David Kashy, Nafis Rafat,


  1. Physics envelope at the entrance of drift region: Chandan
    1. Estimating the envelopes (moller and ep) at the entrance to the drift region for engineers
    2. so far only checked for symmetric coils but later chandan will check for asymmetric coils but KK thinks the lead collar will prevent any interference of envelop with the entrance to the drift region even with the asymmetric coils
  2. Remoll external generator setup for reading events that interacted with the belllows: Sakib
    1. Sakib will generate hits for individual bellows that can be simulated using the remoll external generator
    2. KK wanted to develop this framework so we can test different elements in the apparatus for interactions

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